Friday, December 30, 2011

The Bass College

Folks, if you haven't heard of this site or you haven't taken the time to visit The Bass College, take a moment and visit this site.  It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an seasoned Pro this site has something for all levels.  There is a Forum to get you connected with member anglers from across the Nation as well as TBC Pro Staff Team that are available answer your all of your bass fishing questions.

There as a Tackle Store tab with links to sponsor sites such as The Bass College Store, Bass Pro Shops, Tackle Warehouse and more where you can shop for all your tackle needs.  And be sure to check out the Videos section for topics such as the hottest lure on the water 'The Alabama Rig', and more.

The Articles section hooks you up with some great articles from their Featured Writers and, before you head to the lake be sure to check the Fishing Reports section for local fishing reports from across the Nation.

TBC even has a link to a Bass Fishing Radio Show link where you can hear Pro anglers talk about the latest fishing topics and fishing techniques, etc.  How cool is that.......and you can listen to it from your computer.

If you are looking for sponsorship be sure to check out the Fishing Sponsors link.  As a Fishing Sponsors Elite Pro Staff Member I can assure you that this place can help you get sponsors! You can find their link on the 'Friends and Sponsors' section in my site.  So, along with the great advise and help you also receive from TBC and Fishing Sponsors...this is a great way to get your foot in the door with potential sponsors. 

Best of all is that Steve Von Brandt, the Owner & CEO of TBC, has put together a great site here for everyone at every level and Registration and Membership is FREE!  So take a minute and get connected at or visit my 'Best Forums' or 'Friends and Sponsors' section in my site and select the link to The Bass College.

This site is a must do if you want to get connected and learn to be a better angler or even just share your knowledge and adventures with other anglers. 

So please check it out and tell them where you heard about TBC....You won't be disappointed!

Thank you and tight lines!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tires and Summer Time

WOW, I guess I have been lucky all these years hauling to and from the various lakes I have fished and have never blown a tire.  I have a routine of making sure all is well before I leave the drive-way.  Friday I was all loaded up, hooked up and ready to go....headed for Roosevelt.   I took my walk around to make sure I was good to go and hummm.  that looks funny.  Upon a closer look I had a front tire on my tandem that looked like a cord had let loose under the tread surface.  I jacked it up and soun the tire and it looked like a pringle going around.  When I took it off where I couldn't see when it was mounted was a 12" spot where the tread had seperated and all I could see was cord.  WOW.  Must have happened the week before coming home from Roosevelt. 
Of course my local dealer did not have one in stock and I didn't get it fixed until Late Saturday afternoon.
Its that time of year.  Always, always check your tire air pressure before each trip and look at your tires.  Specially on tandem trailers.  If you have a flat on one side you can bet that the other tire will be stressed from carrying the load and can potentially fail soon after in this heat.
I dodged this bullet...could have been a real mess and a lot more costly.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


What a great product. After years of using other products that mount to my lower unit and real rollers on the trailer to stow my main motor for towing I have found the real deal.  No more looking in the rear view mirror to see my motor shaking around.  No more marks in the paint on my lower unit.

  • The Lock-n-Haul® is the world's FIRST and ONLY 4-point inline load universal fit outboard boat motor travel stow, true transom saver, motor toter stabilizer, that easily adjusts to fit ALL OUTBOARD BRANDS and most models and sizes with power tilt systems, and on ANY BOAT! ............ Width of setback or jackplate don't matter at all!


  • The Lock-n-Haul® transom saver is a one piece device that completely stabilizes the outboard motor and stops ALL harmful motor movement, by locking both the tilt and steering pivots.

  • The Lock-n-Haul® transom saver is a tough, small, compact, simple and effective device, and carries a two year warranty against manufacturers defects.

  • Includes a quick clip coated aircraft cable retaining lanyard and has an anodized coating for superior anti-corrosion protection that won't rust and is safe for fresh water and saltwater use.

  • I have to admit that when I first got mine I thought there is no way this will work. I was wrong!!

    Check this information out and see for yourself, then go to and get yours!

    You'll be glad you did.

    Be sure to watch the video!

    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    The Oxygenator Livewell System

    If you have an Oxygenator Livewell System then you know what The Oxygenator Livewell System and U2 Pro Formula Livewell Treatment can do for your fish and your tournament weights, winnings with decreased dead fish penalties.

    If you haven't seen or had any experience with this product please log into: This is the real deal for providing your fish with an increased rate of survivability!  Don't fall for misguided facts.  It works for me and it can work for you to.  Please remember that it's every angler needs to practice responsible fish management and The Oxygenator Livewell System and U2 Pro Formula Livewell Treatment is part of that equation.

    With increased water temperatures come lower oxygen content in the water. This is especially true in places like Arizona where the Summer temps reach well over 100+ and water temps reach into 90+ degrees. The Oxygenator adds 100% pure oxygen to your livewell system.  Sure, if you can cool the water temperature down in your livewell all the better.  However it does not increase the oxygen content in the water, it merely allows the water to hold more oxygen.  But by using The Oxygenator Livewell System at any water temperature you are adding pure oxygen to the water which in turn adds to the overall oxygen content of the water.  So, for those of us that fish tournaments this means an increased survivability of our fish and less dead fish penalties.

    I have heard some do this on board their boats...go the the expense of buying oxygen bottles to carry pressurized oxygen...(like welding oxygen) and the regulator system, etc. to safely control its release but, it is merely just pressurized ambient air containing approximately 21% oxygen.  But is it safe to do so?  I'd be sure to check with you local Game and Fish and possibly the Coast Guard to see if they think this is safe to do on your boat.  There is a lot to take into consideration, proper handling and transportation, proper use and storage, temperatures, etc.  There a number of potentially dangerous concerns that a responsible person needs to pay close attention to before deciding this is the only way and the safe way to go.  Then what about cost?  You do the math.....

    The Oxygenator at an affordable price, unlike standard aeration systems that just pump ambient air through a diffuser into the water at 20.9% oxygen, the Oxygenator using a patented process manufactures 100% PURE OXYGEN (O) from the water itself.  It may take a little time for the Oxygenator to manufacture and disperse high levels of oxygen in your livewell, but is it 100% oxygen.  But again responsible angler fish management is the key. 

    Just look at the difference.  Standard timed aeration systems alone increase survival rate by 68%, continuous flow-thru by 78%, Ice, salt and recirculate by 82% and the Oxygenator by a whopping 93%!   Now I'm not saying that any of these systems will not help in the survivability ratios of your fish what I am saying is that under demanding temperatures the Oxygenator provides superior results.

    One product that greatly increases the survivability of your fish is U2 Pro Formula Live Well Treatment with two types available, freshwater and saltwater.  The Oxygenator paired up with U2 is a team hard to beat.  U2 Pro Formula not only helps reduce the toxic gases from carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3) but also has added components that help stop bleeding, replace slime coating, remove chlorine and add essential electrolytes.

    Whether you are are an angler using live bait that just enjoys a day on the water or a serious tournament angler, there is an Oxygenator unit that will fit your needs. 
    More to come......In the mean time Please check it out at :

    And this is just my humble opinion!

    Thanks for visiting.

    Saturday, April 16, 2011


    The other day my partner Chris called me and told me about a prop dealer he found listed on Bass Boat Central , Rothwell Marine, in AR.  He had been talking to them about a prop for his Ranger.  Looking to do the same as I believe many of us are now, dial the boat back in for optimal performance, Chris was excited about receiving the new prop he purchased from them.

    Since I have been chasing the same performance issue I decided that perhaps I should give Rothwell Marine a call.  To my surprise when I called Gregg the owner answered the phone.  Gregg and I talked for probably thirty minutes and after getting the low down on my boat, etc. I also liked their guarantee of not being undersold and their prop exchange program.

    Gregg recommended two different props. favoring one over the other based on my requirements.  Gregg suggested a prop from Power Tech Propellers.  Since good quality stainless steel props don't come cheap I told Gregg that I had never heard of Power Tech and  I wanted to do a little research on them before shelling out the bucks for a new prop. He was very understanding and gave me Power Tech's web URL thanked me for calling and asked me to call back if I needed any additional help.  Now, what I liked most about our conversation was that Gregg never once pressured me to buy a prop.  He took all the time I needed to answer my questions and help me with finding a new prop that would meet my requirements and expectations. 

    After talking to Gregg from Rothwell Marine, I logged into Power Tech's website and checked the company out.  I was surprised to find out that Power Tech was a 25 year old American-owned company specializing in the design, manufacturing and sale of stainless steel and aluminum propellers.  I watched several videos they have about props and decided that I'd give them a call.  After all what could that hurt?

    Man was I surprised.  When I called Bill Leanord the Sales Manager answered.  I told him how I ended up calling Power Tech and off we went trying to match up my performance requirements with one of their props.   After another long conversation, Bill suggested one of their new props over several we discussed, including the model suggested by Gregg; not because it was the wrong prop but because this prop was so new that even Rothwell Marine had not received them yet.  We chatted a bit more and I decided to pull the trigger and buy the prop.

    So, Bill suggested that I call Gregg back and tell him the deal and they would take it from there and drop ship me the prop.  Now, another surprise, they didn't even have the particular model I needed built and would be building it the next morning and shipping it and that is exactly what they did.  The prop showed up at my door 2 1/2 days after I ordered it.

    Some key factors in making my decision:
    • Both companies displayed great customer service
    • Prop exchange program
    • Excellent Pricing that included shipping
    • Leading edge technology prop and hub design
    • Both Gregg and Bill were knowledgeable about Champion Boats
    Now I need to install the prop and head to the lake to dial it in! 

    If you're looking for a new prop check these companies out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!
    Rothwell Marine - 1-870-777-6180 ( )
    Power Tech Propellers - 1-800-736-7767 ( )
    Bass Boat Central ( )

    Stay tuned!

    Saturday, April 9, 2011


    I have had an issue with the Champ for some time.  My RMP's and MPH have been noticeably down.  Having taken it to several mechanics each had a different opinion as to what the cause might be.  However, each time all checked out well.  I understand that my boat and motor are getting a little older now and how nature takes its toll on them but, and I say but, she has been well maintained over the years, which helps a great deal in adding to their life expectancy.

    That being said I contacted Al's Outboard Service in Lake Havasu City since they came highly recommended and after talking to Al himself I decided to take it to him for a look.  So on March 12, 2011 I dropped the boat off.  I met Al that Saturday morning as he opened and he spent several hours talking to me about my boat and of course telling be about his and his late fathers company history.  I can't say enough about Al or his company except that he is a stand up guy and as far as I am concerned he knows what he's talking about.

    Well, I forgot to mention it was Spring Break in Havasu.  Need I say more.  Well maybe a little.  I stayed at the Days Inn as I usually do.  Now the Day's Inn loves to have anglers stay there and they usually go out of their way to make sure we have a marked spot to park our boats right outside our rooms.  And in times like Spring Break they keep the anglers and the party goers at a comfortable distance.  However when I arrived they had mistakenly booked me to a room that was already reserved.  That's right I ended up in party world!  The first night the noise stopped around 4:00AM.  I slept for 2 hours.  The next night, having been unable to get a different room, it was 3:30 AM before all were passed out.  I got 3 hours sleep. Exhausted!

    Well on April 1, 2011 I returned to pick up my boat and like usual I stayed at the Day's Inn.  This time when I walked in they said it could be noisy again since they had a Tattoo event in town. But at least I was in the quieter section of the motel.  I told them I'd be OK with the tattoo crowd and I have to say that it was pretty peaceful and I didn't miss any sleep.

    Back to the boat.  On Thursday I received a call from Al.  He began by telling me he was sorry...I felt my bank account get sucked dry and I stopped breathing......but as he continued, Al was sorry, he could not find a thing wrong with the motor.  I started breathing again.

    After getting back to pick up the boat and again spending several hours with Al telling me about my motor I left with a clean bill of health that I had a healthy strong motor with several suggestions about changing the set-up, etc.

    So, now at least knowing that the motor is in great condition, I'll be making some setup changed to compensate for the bad gasoline we now have compared even to the gas of a few years ago and understand what adding a 36 volt 109 lb thrust trolling motor and extra battery will do to bow lift and overall performance.  Not to mention understanding the impact of all the weight of the gear we think we need to carry for a tournament and most time only use a small percentage of what we bring.

    Time to clean house!