Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tires and Summer Time

WOW, I guess I have been lucky all these years hauling to and from the various lakes I have fished and have never blown a tire.  I have a routine of making sure all is well before I leave the drive-way.  Friday I was all loaded up, hooked up and ready to go....headed for Roosevelt.   I took my walk around to make sure I was good to go and hummm.  that looks funny.  Upon a closer look I had a front tire on my tandem that looked like a cord had let loose under the tread surface.  I jacked it up and soun the tire and it looked like a pringle going around.  When I took it off where I couldn't see when it was mounted was a 12" spot where the tread had seperated and all I could see was cord.  WOW.  Must have happened the week before coming home from Roosevelt. 
Of course my local dealer did not have one in stock and I didn't get it fixed until Late Saturday afternoon.
Its that time of year.  Always, always check your tire air pressure before each trip and look at your tires.  Specially on tandem trailers.  If you have a flat on one side you can bet that the other tire will be stressed from carrying the load and can potentially fail soon after in this heat.
I dodged this bullet...could have been a real mess and a lot more costly.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


What a great product. After years of using other products that mount to my lower unit and real rollers on the trailer to stow my main motor for towing I have found the real deal.  No more looking in the rear view mirror to see my motor shaking around.  No more marks in the paint on my lower unit.

  • The Lock-n-Haul® is the world's FIRST and ONLY 4-point inline load universal fit outboard boat motor travel stow, true transom saver, motor toter stabilizer, that easily adjusts to fit ALL OUTBOARD BRANDS and most models and sizes with power tilt systems, and on ANY BOAT! ............ Width of setback or jackplate don't matter at all!


  • The Lock-n-Haul® transom saver is a one piece device that completely stabilizes the outboard motor and stops ALL harmful motor movement, by locking both the tilt and steering pivots.

  • The Lock-n-Haul® transom saver is a tough, small, compact, simple and effective device, and carries a two year warranty against manufacturers defects.

  • Includes a quick clip coated aircraft cable retaining lanyard and has an anodized coating for superior anti-corrosion protection that won't rust and is safe for fresh water and saltwater use.

  • I have to admit that when I first got mine I thought there is no way this will work. I was wrong!!

    Check this information out and see for yourself, then go to and get yours!

    You'll be glad you did.

    Be sure to watch the video!