Saturday, April 16, 2011


The other day my partner Chris called me and told me about a prop dealer he found listed on Bass Boat Central , Rothwell Marine, in AR.  He had been talking to them about a prop for his Ranger.  Looking to do the same as I believe many of us are now, dial the boat back in for optimal performance, Chris was excited about receiving the new prop he purchased from them.

Since I have been chasing the same performance issue I decided that perhaps I should give Rothwell Marine a call.  To my surprise when I called Gregg the owner answered the phone.  Gregg and I talked for probably thirty minutes and after getting the low down on my boat, etc. I also liked their guarantee of not being undersold and their prop exchange program.

Gregg recommended two different props. favoring one over the other based on my requirements.  Gregg suggested a prop from Power Tech Propellers.  Since good quality stainless steel props don't come cheap I told Gregg that I had never heard of Power Tech and  I wanted to do a little research on them before shelling out the bucks for a new prop. He was very understanding and gave me Power Tech's web URL thanked me for calling and asked me to call back if I needed any additional help.  Now, what I liked most about our conversation was that Gregg never once pressured me to buy a prop.  He took all the time I needed to answer my questions and help me with finding a new prop that would meet my requirements and expectations. 

After talking to Gregg from Rothwell Marine, I logged into Power Tech's website and checked the company out.  I was surprised to find out that Power Tech was a 25 year old American-owned company specializing in the design, manufacturing and sale of stainless steel and aluminum propellers.  I watched several videos they have about props and decided that I'd give them a call.  After all what could that hurt?

Man was I surprised.  When I called Bill Leanord the Sales Manager answered.  I told him how I ended up calling Power Tech and off we went trying to match up my performance requirements with one of their props.   After another long conversation, Bill suggested one of their new props over several we discussed, including the model suggested by Gregg; not because it was the wrong prop but because this prop was so new that even Rothwell Marine had not received them yet.  We chatted a bit more and I decided to pull the trigger and buy the prop.

So, Bill suggested that I call Gregg back and tell him the deal and they would take it from there and drop ship me the prop.  Now, another surprise, they didn't even have the particular model I needed built and would be building it the next morning and shipping it and that is exactly what they did.  The prop showed up at my door 2 1/2 days after I ordered it.

Some key factors in making my decision:
  • Both companies displayed great customer service
  • Prop exchange program
  • Excellent Pricing that included shipping
  • Leading edge technology prop and hub design
  • Both Gregg and Bill were knowledgeable about Champion Boats
Now I need to install the prop and head to the lake to dial it in! 

If you're looking for a new prop check these companies out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!
Rothwell Marine - 1-870-777-6180 ( )
Power Tech Propellers - 1-800-736-7767 ( )
Bass Boat Central ( )

Stay tuned!

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