Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Oxygenator Livewell System

If you have an Oxygenator Livewell System then you know what The Oxygenator Livewell System and U2 Pro Formula Livewell Treatment can do for your fish and your tournament weights, winnings with decreased dead fish penalties.

If you haven't seen or had any experience with this product please log into: This is the real deal for providing your fish with an increased rate of survivability!  Don't fall for misguided facts.  It works for me and it can work for you to.  Please remember that it's every angler needs to practice responsible fish management and The Oxygenator Livewell System and U2 Pro Formula Livewell Treatment is part of that equation.

With increased water temperatures come lower oxygen content in the water. This is especially true in places like Arizona where the Summer temps reach well over 100+ and water temps reach into 90+ degrees. The Oxygenator adds 100% pure oxygen to your livewell system.  Sure, if you can cool the water temperature down in your livewell all the better.  However it does not increase the oxygen content in the water, it merely allows the water to hold more oxygen.  But by using The Oxygenator Livewell System at any water temperature you are adding pure oxygen to the water which in turn adds to the overall oxygen content of the water.  So, for those of us that fish tournaments this means an increased survivability of our fish and less dead fish penalties.

I have heard some do this on board their boats...go the the expense of buying oxygen bottles to carry pressurized oxygen...(like welding oxygen) and the regulator system, etc. to safely control its release but, it is merely just pressurized ambient air containing approximately 21% oxygen.  But is it safe to do so?  I'd be sure to check with you local Game and Fish and possibly the Coast Guard to see if they think this is safe to do on your boat.  There is a lot to take into consideration, proper handling and transportation, proper use and storage, temperatures, etc.  There a number of potentially dangerous concerns that a responsible person needs to pay close attention to before deciding this is the only way and the safe way to go.  Then what about cost?  You do the math.....

The Oxygenator at an affordable price, unlike standard aeration systems that just pump ambient air through a diffuser into the water at 20.9% oxygen, the Oxygenator using a patented process manufactures 100% PURE OXYGEN (O) from the water itself.  It may take a little time for the Oxygenator to manufacture and disperse high levels of oxygen in your livewell, but is it 100% oxygen.  But again responsible angler fish management is the key. 

Just look at the difference.  Standard timed aeration systems alone increase survival rate by 68%, continuous flow-thru by 78%, Ice, salt and recirculate by 82% and the Oxygenator by a whopping 93%!   Now I'm not saying that any of these systems will not help in the survivability ratios of your fish what I am saying is that under demanding temperatures the Oxygenator provides superior results.

One product that greatly increases the survivability of your fish is U2 Pro Formula Live Well Treatment with two types available, freshwater and saltwater.  The Oxygenator paired up with U2 is a team hard to beat.  U2 Pro Formula not only helps reduce the toxic gases from carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3) but also has added components that help stop bleeding, replace slime coating, remove chlorine and add essential electrolytes.

Whether you are are an angler using live bait that just enjoys a day on the water or a serious tournament angler, there is an Oxygenator unit that will fit your needs. 
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