Saturday, April 20, 2013

I am proud to announce my affiliation with two companies.  Lithium Pros - Lithium Batteries. and Danny Rogers of Stealth 1Charging .

Lithium Pros:
Kevin Bennett and his crew and the Lithium Batteries are top notch!  By far one of the most impressive products I have ever used.  I started looking at the option of using lithium batteries a few years ago when they were making their way into professional bass fishing.  After watching a few lithium battery companies and reading reports from some of the top Pros in the country I was convinced that changing to lithium was a smart move.  Researching once more I decided that Lithium Pros was the product I wanted to use and be involved with.

Reeling forward....  After recently installed my 36V Lithium Pros battery to power my MotorGuide Digital 109 trolling motor I can say that this battery is just amazing!  Having removed 3 Group 27 batteries weighing approximately 60lbs each and installing 1 Lithium Pros battery weighing slightly under 29lbs and just slightly bigger that 1 Group 27 battery.  It even fits into the same battery tray! Can you see where I'm going here?...just the weight saving alone is astronomical! A whopping 151lbs! GONE!

Having coming from a drag racing background...for those of you who understand horsepower vs. the racing world that is means added performance, faster times, faster WOT speeds and added fuel economy.  If you think that bass fishing there are even more added benefits. But then add, faster charging cycle times, longer battery charge life, superior reliability and in a bass boat.....faster hole shots....and I do mean faster; increased WOT speeds, better trolling motor performance with increased time on the water with no worries after being on the water working the trolling motor hard all day of running out of power. And yes there is a charging system change you may have to make..

 Stealth 1 Charging System:
 Unless you have a of Stealth 1 Charging system as I do but then there is just a small upgrade required and you are good to go. I needed to make a charging system upgrade more than a year ago to my Legend bass boat.  My boat sponsor, Legend Boats, put me in contact with Danny Rogers of Stealth 1 Charging.  After doing some research again and talking with Stealth 1, I purchased and installed a Stealth 1 charging system.  Friends, this is not your run of the mill charging system.  This is the real deal!

At first I have to say I was intimidated by the system.  It does not fit the stereotype picture of a black box charging system.  There are 2 boxes, one DC and one AC and then optional features like an emergency switch that can pull 12v from your trolling motor batteries should your main battery go down. Of course...I can't see that happening using a Lithium Pros battery for your main motor cranking battery.  If you have spent enough time on the water....we have all sat down and turned the key and felt the panic of no main motor start with minutes to go to weigh-in!  Fear no more with the turn of a switch!

Well having an aviation electronics background as well I jumped in and installed the system. After the install was all said and was an easy installation. 

Stealth 1 has been working with Lithium Pros for a few years and has developed a compatible upgrade to the Stealth 1 that complements the Lithium Pros battery charging requirements.

If you are looking for optimal performance and reliable products among all the other benefits I urge you to give these two companies a call.  You can't go wrong.........

Just absolutely mind blowing performance!

Thanks for reading my post!

Tight lines..


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