Monday, April 9, 2012

I am excited to announce that I have just been selected as a member of the Power-Pole Pro Team.  For my boat I have selected the new 8ft Blade model.  (

Wield the power of a Blade.

The new Signature Series Blade is in a class all by itself. Extreme performance and stopping power are delivered by a brushless motor and high flow pump, making this the fastest, strongest and deepest anchor available. The Blade is thinner, more aerodynamic and the Everflex spike folds neatly into the new pocket design. The Blade comes with C-Monster, advanced wireless dash switch and standard remote control so you’re ready to fish from anywhere on your boat right out of the box.


Nothing stops your boat faster and safer than Power-Pole anchors. The unbelievably fast action means you can stop as soon as you see a fish or hook on without any concern for stress on your transom, the only stress you’ll feel will be on the other end of your line.


Nothing stops your boat quieter than Power-Pole anchors. The Power-Pole deployment system is virtually silent, allowing the anchor to quickly slip into the water undetected with no disturbance below the surface. The only sound will be the splash of all the fish you land.


Nothing holds your boat stronger than Power-Pole anchors. Precisely tuned hydraulics provide maximum force to keep your boat pinned down in all water and current conditions, as well as all bottom types including hard sand, rock, mud and grass, so you can stand and fish with confidence.

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